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Trailer: Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Oats: Volume 1’

After dropping a teaser trailer for it last week, Neill Blomkamp has unleashed an official trailer for Oats: Volume 1. The first round of shorts from his newly-formed film company, Oats Studios, is set to arrive online later this year. According to the filmmaker, there will be at least three shorts hovering around the 20 minute mark in length, with various other smaller shorts being rolled out as well. Check it out…

The footage from these shortform projects continues to look fantastic. Much of that stems from Blomkamp’s do-it-yourself attitude, along with his penchant for high-end production value on even the smallest of shorts. All of his past shorts to date have been wildly interesting, with some eventually informing features such as District 9 and Chappie.

Speaking of District 9, Blomkamp still very much intends on making another film set within the same world. Work also continues on his adaptation of the as-yet-unpublished science fiction novel, The Gone World. If all goes to plan, filming should begin on that project late this year or early next year. So while Alien: Awakening, his once-promised direct sequel to Aliens, might be dead, the Elysium director is still keeping busy with projects and continuing to experiment with his craft.

If you haven’t seen the earlier teaser trailer for Oats: Volume 1, you can view it below…

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  • zombie84_41

    This looks like a whole lot of FUCK YEA, OMG, WTF, HOLY SHIT, moments. And thats what I love this guys mind is like mine.


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