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Finn Jones Shows Off His ‘Iron Fist’ Tattoo In New Stills

Two new promotional stills of star Finn Jones as the titular “Iron Fist” have surfaced, courtesy of Reddit. The Marvel television series centers on Danny Rand, who “returns to New York City, after being missing for fifteen years, to reclaim his family company. However, when a threat emerges, Rand must choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.” I’m honestly not overly familiar with this particular character’s history, beyond the broad strokes, so I’m really looking forward to sitting down with this show and being surprised in a little over a month from now.

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While we still have yet to get a glimpse of the Netflix show’s take on Danny Rand’s classic Iron Fist garb, both of these images afford us a better look at the character’s trademark tattoo. The bearded look remains an interesting angle. I’d initially assumed he would lose it part of the way into the season, but his shots from the recent “Defenders photoshoot suggest otherwise.

“Iron Fist” is the fourth Marvel series to debut on Netflix and the sixth Marvel Cinematic Universe television series overall. Based on the character created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, the series comes from showrunner Scott Buck. It stars Finn Jones as ‘Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist)’, Jessica Henwick as ‘Colleen Wing’, David Wenham as ‘Harold Meachum’, Jessica Stroup as ‘Joy Meachum’, Tom Pelphrey as ‘Ward Meachum’, Lewis Tan as ‘Zhou Cheng’, and Rosario Dawson as ‘Claire Temple’. Also appearing are Carrie-Anne Moss as ‘Jeri Hogarth’, Wai Ching Ho as ‘Madame Gao’, Micheal Maize, and Esau Pritchett.

The thirteen episode first season of “Iron Fist” premieres on Netflix on March 17th, 2017. The character will also be appearing later this year in Marvel’s catch-all Netflix event series, “The Defenders“, alongside fellow heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

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