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[Video] Get Close & Personal With Nature In Disney’s ‘Born in China’

The Disney Nature films have been some of my favorite nature documentaries since they started popping them out on a regular basis ten years ago. If you’re not familiar with the series I highly suggest checking them out. My personal favorite is African Cats — this wonderful feature follows a handful of different big cat families and is narrated by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. Their latest effort is Born in China which follows a panda, a golden monkey and a snow leopard as they attempt to raise their new family. Mr. Narration himself, John Krasinski, narrates.

Born in China is out today on Blu-ray and other home video formats and to celebrate that release Disney has released a special video of bonus features. Here we see some adorable crane chicks take to the water while director of photography Paul Stewart watches one. Watch the video and try not to say “awwww.”


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