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Trailer: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ‘Full Love’

Nine years after its initial shoot, Full Love is finally arriving. Today action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme unleashed a teaser trailer for the long-delayed film. It’s an odd;y edited teaser that doesn’t really give much in the way of plot, but I’m willing to give the film itself a look when it finally hits later this year. Why? Because Van Damme, that’s why!

This film has had a long road to release. Originally shot in 2008 under the title Soldiers, Van Damme’s sophomore film as a director has gone through a number of small reshoots in the years since then. It even screened at Cannes once in 2010, under the title The Eagle Path! Now, after almost a decade, it appears that Full Love might finally be finished. Given that Van Damme’s only other directorial effort is 1996’s The Quest, a film that I find to be underrated among his overall body of work.

Full Love is the latest directorial effort from Jean-Claude Van Damme, who also wrote the screenplay. The picture is produced by Eugene Van Varenberg, Moshe Diamant, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Claudia Bassols, John Colton, Joset Cannon, Charles St. Michael, Bianca Bree, Cal Rein, Kristopher Van Varenberg, Adam Karst, and Harry Taylor.


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