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[Trailer] Beware ‘The Babysitter’

Netflix has issued a trailer for McG’s upcoming horror comedy, The Babysitter. Starring Judah Lewis, Bella Thorne, Samara Weaving, and Robbie Amell, the film arrives on Netflix later this month. Its plot involves a young boy who realizes that his babysitter is far more deadly and diabolical than she appears to be on the surface.

This project has had an interesting history. The script hails from the 2014 Black List and was scooped up by New Line Cinema in 2015. They later set McG as director and began shooting the project in late 2015. Despite filming being completed in early 2016, it sat on the shelf at the studio for the rest of the year. Come December 2016, New Line turned around and sold the film to Netflix.

Mind you this isn’t the first project that the studio has dropped to the streaming outlet. Adam Wingard’s Death Note took a similar path, although it hadn’t actually shot before being handed off, even though it was fully cast by that point. Given how that film turned out well, it lessens my fears that this particular offering is a dud. While such a chance is still very much a possibility, I’m currently more inclined to believe that New Line just wasn’t sure of how to sell it. Besides, the trailer itself is pretty fun.

The Babysitter is an original horror comedy. It is directed by McG, from a screenplay by Brian Duffield. The film is produced by Mary Viola and McG. It stars Judah Lewis as ‘Cole’, Samara Weaving as ‘Bee’, Bella Thorne as ‘Sonya’, Robbie Amell as ‘Max’, Andrew Bachelor as ‘John the Baptist’, Emily Alyn Lind as ‘Melanie’, Hana Mae Lee as ‘Allison’, and Doug Haley as ‘Samuel’.

The Babysitter premieres on Netflix on October 13th, 2017.

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