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Daniel Craig May Get Sinister For ‘Gambit’

Fox is trucking along like a barrel of madmen with their X-Men franchise these days. The New Mutants spin-off completed photography last month and both Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix are set to conclude production this month. As a result, the studio’s eyes are now on the next round of films in the franchise, with one of them being Gambit.

This particular film’s development has been a troubled one even since actor Channing Tatum was set for the titular role in three years ago. The project almost got off the ground in late 2015, only for the film to lose its director late in pre-production. The script has since been overhauled, with its place in the current films’ timeline reportedly now set.

Splash Report has been on top of Gambit‘s rumor mill of late, running a detailed synopsis for the proposed X-Men spin-off last week that laid out fan favorite villain Mr. Sinister as a major player in the tale. Now they’ve returned once more with a scoop on the studio’s #1 pick for the role: Daniel Craig.

The James Bond actor already has a connection with Tatum, having just appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky with him earlier this year. Negotiations for Craig to join the project are reportedly still in the early stage, but if he signs on, word is that it will be for multiple films. Given that the leaked synopsis places Gambit within the same timeframe as X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix, I wouldn’t be too surprised if both Gambit and Mr. Sinister are meant to crossover into the core films come 2020.

Whether or not this will happen with Craig in the part remains to be seen. While the actor’s schedule is seemingly free at this very moment, he has both a Netflix series (Purity) and a final 007 outing (Bond 25) on deck for the future. If Gambit can manage to actually get off the ground early next year, then it could work out. If not, we’ll be looking at someone else in the get-up you see below. Regardless, this further cements Mr. Sinister as a major villain going forward in the X-Men films. Given that he was almost included in both Apocalypse and Logan, this comes as little surprise.

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