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[Trailer] Kitsch & Shannon Stand-Off At ‘Waco’

Weinstein Television and The Paramount Network have issued their first trailer for Waco, the upcoming event series based on the Texas siege of the same name. The series will tell the tale of the 1993 conflict between the ATF, the FBI, and the Branch Dividian religious sect that ultimately ended in tragedy. Written and directed by The Dowdle Bros. (Quarantine, Devil), the series packs an all-star cast that includes Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch, Melissa Benoist, Shea Whigham, John Leguizamo, and more.

Waco is a miniseries event based on the 1993 Texas siege. It is written and directed by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle. The miniseries is produced by Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Salvatore Stabile, David Glasser, Jennifer Malloy, Megan Spanjian, John Erick Dowdle, and Drew Dowdle. It stars Michael Shannon as ‘Gary Noesner’, Taylor Kitsch as ‘David Koresh’, Melissa Benoist as ‘Rachel Koresh’, John Leguizamo as ‘Robert Rodriguez’, Julia Garner as ‘Michelle Jones’, Andrea Riseborough as ‘Judy Schneider’, Shea Whigham as ‘Richard Rogers’, Rory Culkin as ‘David Thibodeau’, Paul Sparks as ‘Steve Schneider’, Camryn Manheim as ‘Balenda Thibodeau’, Eric Lange as ‘Ron Engelman’, Annika Marks as ‘Kathy Schroder’, Stephen Culp as ‘Jeff Jamar’, and Sarah Minnich as ‘Sharon Wheeler’.

Waco is currently set to premiere in January on The Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV).

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