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[Trailer] King’s ‘1922’ Makes Tom Jane A Murderer

2017 truly is the year of Stephen King. The famous author has released two novels this year and has seen a handful of his works made into high-profile adaptations, from the less-than-well-received “The Mist” and The Dark Tower to the highly-praised “Mr. Mercedes” and It. On the less-publicized end of the pool, Netflix is delivering us two such adaptations. The first is Mike Flanagan’s take on Gerald’s Game. The second is 1922, from writer/director Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours) and starring Thomas Jane (The Mist), Molly Parker (“House of Cards“), and Neal McDonough (“Legends of Tomorrow“).

A simple yet proud rancher in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate. After her death, however, strange occurrences begin to happen around their home, leading the rancher to believe that she is haunting them.

While I consider myself a massive King fan, I am not familiar with the novella that this film is based on. It hails from the book Full Dark, No Stars, which was released in 2010 and is a collection of novellas, much like Different Seasons and Four Past Midnight before it. Some of the best King adaptations have come from his short fiction, like the much-lauded Stand by Me and the underseen The Night Flier. Thus far, this one absolutely looks like another winner to me.

1922 is a horror crime film based on the novella by Stephen King. It is written and directed by Zak Hilditch. The film is produced by Ian Bricke, Ross M. Dinerstein, Jamie Goehring, Samantha Housman, Kevin Leeson, and Shawn Williamson. It stars Thomas Jane as ‘Wilfred James’, Molly Parker as ‘Arlette James’, Dylan Schmid as ‘Henry James’, Neal McDonough as ‘Harlan Cotterie’, Kaitlyn Bernard as ‘Shannon Cotterie’, Brian d’Arcy James as ‘Sheriff Jones’, Roan Curtis as ‘Victoria’, Bob Fraser as ‘Andrew Lester’, and Patrick Keating as ‘Mr. Stoppenhauser’.

1922 will premiere on Netflix on October 20th, 2017.

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