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Mill Creek to Release ‘Vice Versa’ & ‘Mary Reilly’ on Blu-ray

Mill Creek will release Vice Versa and Mary Reilly on Blu-ray on October 3rd as they continue to step up their Blu-ray game. I’m very excited about both these releases, particularly Vice Versa. When I was a kid I loved this move so much but I used to think it was called Trading Places. We owned the film but it was a recorded copy — you know back when people had HUGE VHS collections of movies they recorded off of cable — and because it was recorded there was no artwork. I would always end up putting on Trading Places, which is awesome of course, but I’d be confused and then I’d have to explain to my dad which movie I wanted to watch and he would put on Vice Versa. Somehow during all of that I never managed to learn the title until years later. The moral of the story is that it’s now coming out on Blu-ray and I’m thrilled!

Vice Versa

A comedy about acting your age.

Marshall Seymour (Judge Reinhold – Beverly Hills Cop), is an Executive Vice President for one of Chicago’s most prestigious department stores. He is also a divorced, stressed-out workaholic with little time for his 11-year-old son, Charlie (Fred Savage – TV’s The Wonder Years). But when the two find themselves under the influence of an ill-gotten mystical skull, they become much closer… mostly due to the fact that their minds have switched bodies! Now a preteen boy is up against backstabbing co-workers, politically dangerous board meetings and a blossoming love affair-while the grown man is forced to contend with grade-school bullies, homework and a surprising scarcity of Evian water in the school cafeteria.

Mary Reilly

The battle between good and evil has many victims…and one witness.

The classic horror story of Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gets a chilling new twist when seen through the eyes of Dr. Jekyll’s devoted maid, Mary Reilly.

Julia Roberts, John Malkovich and the writer and director of Dangerous Liaisons take terror to a new level as the immortal conflict between good and evil is played out in the soul of one man. Equally attracted to her kind employer, Dr. Jekyll, and his mysterious assistant, Mr. Hyde, Mary Reilly must confront her own dangerous desires if she is to survive humanity’s greatest evil.

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