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The Three Stooges Big Box of Nyuks Coming from Mill Creek

If you’re a fan of The Three Stooges buckle in because Mill Creek has got something special coming your way. If you’re not a fan of The Three Stooges, what’s wrong with you?

On October 3rd Mill Creek will release the Big Box of Nyuks — a 10-disc DVD box set loaded with Stooges shenanigans. This set includes 6 feature length Stooges movies, the entire animated series from the 60’s (released exactly as they aired), a documentary, loads of short films and a ton of other good stuff. Now isn’t that quisn’t?

The Three Stooges have so much material and there has been a number of different release so it can be difficult to keep up, but all signs point to this being a must-own set for fans. With a list price of just under $45 you’re not likely to get much better value than this. The six features are actually available on Blu-ray already from Mill Creek, but it’s the other additions that may this so exciting. For starters the animated show, The New Three Stooges, is currently going on Amazon for $119.99 and that’s just the animated show. That’s more than double the price of this set and here you get a whole lot more than just the animated show! So yeah, I think this is a deal worth nabbing.

Let’s celebrate this release with one of my favorite animated bits, Get that Snack Shack Off the Track. The hair in the stew joke is one of the all time greats. And then scroll to the bottom to get the full details on the upcoming release.

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