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James Franco’s ‘High School Lover’ is Coming to DVD

Right now a lot of talk regarding James Franco has to do with his upcoming film The Disaster Artist which has this point seems to be receiving universal praise. That film is high on my must-see list for this year and it deserves all the talk it’s getting, but let’s not lose sight on the other fascinating things Franco chooses to do, like work with Lifetime.

Coming to DVD on November 21st from Lionsgate is High School Lover. The film, produced by and starring Franco, comes from first time director Jerell Rosales and appears to have all the makings of a classic Lifetime flick. Love. Danger. Obsession. All our present in what is sure to be a fine film.

I have a tough time deciphering what the overall perception of Franco is. Personally, I love the dude. I think he’s a true performance artist. Doing these Lifetime movies and is run on General Hospital is a wonderful way to allow him to stretch himself as an actor by doing the most oddball things. He’s basically a genius.

Unfortunately finding a trailer for this film has proven to be impossible. That’s ok though because I think we all know what to expect, so let’s get prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster on November 21st.


When 17-year-old Kelly (Paulina Singer) sneaks out to the city one night with her friends, she isn’t expecting to meet Hollywood’s hottest actor, Christian Booth (François Arnaud). To Kelly’s surprise, Christian contacts her and they begin spending time together. When her father (James Franco) finds out about the relationship — and the wide age gap — he demands that Kelly stop seeing Christian. As Christian’s adoration turns into obsession, Kelly realizes that she’s put her family in danger.

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