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Bask in the Monstrous Glory of David Harbour’s ‘Hellboy’

As the project nears the start of production, we have finally been given our first look at “Stranger Things” actor David Harbour in make-up as Hellboy. Some are already saying that this design isn’t too far off from the one worn by Ron Perlman in Guillermo Del Toro’s previous duology. They aren’t wrong, but that’s only because they got pretty close to nailing the classic design from the Dark Horse Comics. I think this take has a bit more of a monstrous look to it, however, making Harbour’s version a bit more otherworldly in the process.

He looks a bit more chiseled and a bit more serious, at least in this glimpse. Whether or not that will hold true for the final film remains to be seen. As it stands, this is a top-notch first image to receive from a project that has had a lot of questions and controversy surrounding it since its initial announcement. I, for one, remain utterly excited to see what director Neil Marshall conjures up with the cast and crew he has assembled here.

Hellboy is based upon the comics by Mike Mignola. It is directed by Neil Marshall, from a screenplay by Aron Coleite, Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden, and Mike Mignola. The picture is produced by Larry Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Mike Mignola, and Mike Richardson. The film stars David Harbour as “Anung Un Rama/Hellboy’, Ian McShane as ‘Trevor Bruttenholm/Professor Broom’, Sasha Lane as ‘Alice Monaghan’, Daniel Dae Kim ‘Major Ben Daimio’, Milla Jovovich as ‘Nimue the Blood Queen’, and Penelope Mitchell as ‘Ganeida’.

Hellboy is currently expected to arrive in theaters sometime in 2018.

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