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Watch Jerry Lewis & Buddy Rich Have a Drum Off in ‘Visit to a Small Planet’

Kino Lorber continues to push out some of the most unique and hard to find titles on to Blu-ray and today they’ve released another gem in Visit to a Small Planet, a sci-fi/comedy starring the late Jerry Lewis. In the film Lewis stars as Kreton, a child-like alien that leaves his home planet to visit Earth. In an effort to learn all he can about humans Kreton creates a bit of a mess and well, hilarity ensues. It might not be the most beloved film Jerry Lewis made, but it’s a good one that I’m happy to see out on Blu-ray.

In honor of the film’s release check out this wonderful scene featuring Buddy Rich as a beatnik drummer that ends up getting in a little drum competition with Kreton. Despite his world-class talent Rich may just be in over his head with this one.

Order your copy of Visit to a Small Planet today!

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