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[Trailer] It’s Time To Go ‘Beyond Skyline’

Shot in late 2014 and early 2015, the sequel to 2010’s alien invasion film Skyline is finally upon us. Beyond Skyline is expected to arrive before our very eyes later this year and a new trailer has just been issued for the film. Near as I can tell, no cast members have been retained from the original. Instead, this time around we have Frank Grillo (The Purge franchise) and The Raid franchise stars Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, so I’m certainly not going to complain.

How’s it look? Decide for yourself…

Personally, I think it looks a lot better than the original. Of course the leads help things out a lot. Let’s just hope that it took so long to see release because they were fine-tuning the special effects and not because it’s a mess. It’s often hard to tell with smaller productions like this. Fingers crossed!

Beyond Skyline is a sequel to 2010’s Skyline. It is written and directed by Liam O’Donnell. The film is produced by Matthew Chausse, Colin Strause, Greg Strause, and Liam O’Donnell. It stars Frank Grillo as ‘Mark’, Bojana Novakovic as ‘Audrey’, Iko Uwais as ‘Sua’, Callan Mulvey as ‘Harper’, Yayan Ruhian as ‘The Chief’, Betty Gabriel as ‘Sandra Jones’, Antonio Fargas as ‘Sarge’, Pamelyn Chee as ‘Kanya’, Samantha Jean as ‘Elaine’, Valentine Payen as ‘Rose’, Jacob Vargas as ‘Garcia’, Jonny Weston as ‘Trent’, Joanne Baron as ‘Regina’, and Karen Glave as ‘Carol’.

Beyond Skyline is currently set to arrive on VOD and in limited theatrical release this December.

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