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Writers Neal Purvis & Robert Wade Return For ‘Bond 25’

According to one of the writers at Britain’s The Daily Mail, screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have come on board to pen the script for the as-yet-untitled 25th official James Bond film. This comes as little surprise, as the pair have worked on the screenplay for every Bond film since 1999’s The World Is Not Enough. Their hiring actually marks the first official movement on the project, which is currently being developed without a Hollywood studio in place for distribution.

EON, the company who owns and produces the James Bond franchise, only negotiates contracts for two films at a time. Their last distribution contract with Sony ended with 2015’s Spectre, meaning that they are in the market for another contract. Whether or not Sony resigns with them, as they tend to do, is anyone’s guess at this point. Regardless, development on Bond 25 continues.

The lack of a studio distributor on this project has resulted in leaks about it falling to a minimum. To date, we’ve only heard various rumors about the film, both publicly and via our own sources. No official release date has been announced for the film, nor has a production timeline officially been put in place. Hell, we don’t even know for certain whether or not star Daniel Craig, who is contracted for one more outing, will actually be back or not.

With the hiring of Purvis & Wade, I suspect we will start hearing more about Bond 25 as the year goes on. This October marks the franchise’s 55th anniversary and I will be very surprised if some sort of big announcement isn’t made then. In the meantime, we’ll just have to speculate about what this next outing might entail. Will it pick up in some way from Spectre? Will it be a standalone adventure? Will Daniel Craig be back and if not, who might feasibly replace him in the role?

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