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The ‘Legion’ Connection To The ‘X-Men’ Films Revealed

We’ve known since it was announced that FX’s “Legion” would be connected to the X-Men film franchise. Both FX and showrunner Noah Hawley (“Fargo“) have always kept relatively quiet on that subject since production began, letting nary a detail slip on the matter. Now that the series is on the verge of its premiere, the veil is finally being lifted. So how does “Legion” connect to the films? Entertainment Weekly managed to finally score an answer from Hawley himself…

“I’m firm believer the show has to stand on its own two feet. For a crossover to be possible we have to earn that right through the quality of our storytelling and hopefully our popularity. David’s origin story hasn’t changed, so we haven’t changed that connection to the X-Men universe.”

That seals it then. With David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) origin from the source material intact, he is indeed the son of Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart) in the continuity of the films. Will that ever carry over into a future movie? Or will we see any of the film characters (and appropriate cast members) show up on the series in some capacity? Only time will tell. It’s entirely possible that Hawley and FX have some surprises of that nature up their sleeves during this debut season. I’m not betting on it, however. Based on Hawley’s comments alone, the first season of “Legion” seems poised to stand almost entirely on its own, so any major (or even minor) crossover material likely won’t come until at least a second season. Assuming we are lucky enough to have it become an on-going series, of course. Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll see Ryan Reynolds guest star as Deadpool on this (or other) X-Men series.

With other shows connected to Fox’s overall X-Men franchise in the works, it seems likelier that the different TV shows will be the ones crossing over, as opposed to the occasional film crossover. Time period permitting, of course. A Hellfire Club series was initially announced for development alongside “Legion“, but “Hellfire” has since been tabled. An additional untitled team-based series was announced back in the fall, but it likely won’t arrive until sometime next year. The government-based X-Factor team from the comics seems best suited for a TV series and would certainly make for fun crossover possibilities, should that be what the aforementioned team show turns out to be.

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