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Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Have Been Revealed

When it comes to a known property, casting breakdowns for an upcoming series are always a good measuring stick for what characters are and aren’t being included. One such sheet has leaked, courtesy of ThatHashtagShow, for ABC‘s next Marvel series, “The Inhumans“. Set to debut later this year (after a special theatrical premiere), the 8-episode event series will showcase the lives of the Inhuman royal family of Attilan and their adventures. So who made the cut, at least in terms of the leading roles? You can read the full breakdowns at the above link, but for our purposes here today, I offer up a simple list…


Shang, an Inhuman previously expected to appear in the now-aborted film adaptation, is notably absent from the cast list at this time. Other notable absences at this time includes Lockjaw, Ahura, Luna, and The Unspoken, as well as members of the Royal Guard and the Genetic Council. Mind you that does not mean that such characters and groups will not be present in the series. It just means that they are not casting those roles during this initial call. The series is currently gearing up to begin production, with a Fall 2017 premiere in mind.

Inhumans as a race were previously introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the second season of “Agents of SHIELD“. They have remained a primary element within the series, with one of its leads (Daisy “Quake” Johnson) becoming one as the show has gone on. In addition, the race has also become a substitute for mutants in the MCU, as Fox owns the rights to the Marvel mutant element. As a result, some characters not previously designated as Inhumans have become them for the series (i.e. Hive, Patriot, Slingshot, Hellfire, etc.). A few other notable Inhuman characters such as Lash and Blizzard have also appeared on the show.

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