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Trailers: ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Baywatch’ & ‘Cars 3’

Here’s a fun dichotomy! New trailers have been released for three anticipated upcoming features. The first is for the live action adaptation of a highly-beloved Disney animation classic, Beauty and the Beast. The second is for a raunchy and raucous adaptation of the TV series Baywatch. The third is more child-oriented, being the latest bit of promotional for Pixar’s Cars 3. Two films are meant to be family entertainment, whereas the other is aimed squarely at adults. That’s the beauty of being a lover of cinema! We can equally appreciate both approaches.

More a promo than a trailer, this TV spot for Beauty and the Beast aired during the Golden Globes and showcases Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s singing talents. Her rendition of “Belle” plays as we are shown a short montage of scenes and character moments from Bill Condon’s film. Some have criticized Watson’s take on the song here, but I feel like they jumping the gun. First off, we’re hearing it out of context. Second, it was always going to vary some from the animated original and this is a good thing. All of the songs presented in this incarnation of Beauty and the Beast need to blend together with the film at hand, instead of being a xerox of what came before. Otherwise, what would be the point?

They are clearly going for a 21 Jump Street-style vibe here. They’ve got a great cast in place (Efron & Johnson are an inspired pairing), so I truly hope it pans out for them. I’d be lying if I said I was overly thrilled with what is on display in this international trailer (nor the previous domestic trailer), but in my experience, comedies often have rather terrible trailers. Whether it’s the footage selected or the way the jokes are re-edited within them, they tend not to play as strongly as they should. I’m certainly keeping an open mind about this one, as the talent and concept sound like a winning combination. Baywatch washes ashore on May 26th, 2017.

While we still have yet to receive a traditional trailer for Pixar’s latest effort, this “first look” comes far closer to presenting one than the last two teaser did. They are still selling this film in a supremely odd way, as far as I am concerned. The “underdog overcomes injury to reclaim his title” theme is in full force here, as is the previous realistic imagery. The former certainly fits the Cars brand, but the latter seems at odds with it. Furthermore, there’s absolutely no Mater in sight. As I said before, I’m really not sure who they are trying to sell this to. Audiences who didn’t care for the last two aren’t going to check this one out due to a few offbeat teasers and the current teasers to date seem like they’d be rather off-putting to actual fans of the franchise. Regardless, Cars 3 makes its cinematic pit stop on June 16th, 2017.

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