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Check Out These Great ‘Monster Trucks’ & ‘The Belko Experiment’ Posters

I love a good poster. I’m honestly not too picky about the type either, so long as it is well-done. Painted posters are awesome. Tone piece posters are excellent. Hell, I can even admire good floating head posters. As long as it looks like some time and genuine effort was put into both conceiving and executing the design, I can generally appreciate the final product.

Let’s be honest though: most posters these days aren’t that great. I’m sure that sounds a tad “Get off my lawn!”-ish and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking so. After all, our aesthetic affinities are often incredibly informed by the types of art and style that we grew up witnessing. It’s also absolutely true that there were just as many terrible posters being issued in the 1980s and 1990s as there are now. Photoshop wasn’t the lazy tool of choice, of course, but lazily-crafted posters still existed in droves.

Every week we see new posters tossed up online for each and every film coming our way. More often than not, they are not worthy of praise. I just happen to think that the following two for Monster Trucks and The Belko Experiment are. The fact that I’m excited to see both films makes the fact that they have good posters all the sweeter. I would definitely hang that Monster Trucks one on my wall. Anyway, enough poster pontificating! It’s time to let the art speak for itself…

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