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‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Mid-Season Trailer Shows All-Out War!

Full disclosure: I’m really behind on Star Wars: Rebels. I have seen all of the first season and a bit of the second, but have yet to find the time to catch up. As a result, I have almost no clue about what is going on here, beyond the few things I know of what has occurred on the series since I fell off from it. I really need to catch up, if this trailer is anything to go by…

By the looks of things, the show is far more Rebellion-oriented now than it was during its inaugural run and that pleases me greatly. More classic Star Wars characters are in the mix as well, both from the original films (Grand Moff Tarkin, Mon Mothma), the prequels (Darth Maul), and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Ahsoka Tano). They have also since pulled in Admiral Thrawn from the old EU novels, which is a nice touch. Moving further into things, it appears the Mandalorian culture is being explored further, with their society now being beckoned to join the rebellion against the Empire. Lastly, it looks like we’ll finally see what pushed Saw Gerrera (played in live action form by Forest Whitaker in Rogue One) to abandon the Rebel Alliance and we also get a nice tease of an older Obi-Wan Kenobi’s involvement.

It’s a lot to take in, but that’s absolutely the goal of this imagery-bombaring teaser for the show’s return. Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars before it, it looks like Rebels finally found its footing two or three seasons in and is now firing on all cylinders. While I wasn’t over the moon for its first season, all of this has me eager to pick back up where I left off. What say you, readers? Has the show gotten better? Has it gotten worse? What are looking looking forward to most in the back half of Season 3 when it returns this weekend on January 7th?


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