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Hey ‘The Fast and The Furious’ Writers, Here Are Some Ideas of What to Do Next

Yesterday saw the release of the first trailer for The Fate of the Furious, the eighth film in The Fast and the Furious series that began in 2001. The series has become Universal’s top grossing franchise and has pulled in nearly $4 billion over the years. If the trend continues, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this new film pushes it over $5 billion, especially considering that James Wan’s Fast 7 took in over $1.5 billion on its own.

This new entry sees Dominic Toretto turn against his “family”, the crew that have been part of the series for many years (and entries) now. It’s a clever way of injecting something interesting into the story, especially since the storylines are becoming a bit stagnant. It may be bad taste to mention it, but one of the reasons that Fast 7 did so well was because it had a strong reason for people to get their butts in theaters: Paul Walker’s tragic death. We’d seen it before when The Dark Knight hit theaters after the passing of Heath Ledger. Much like how Furious 7 took in around double what it’s predecessor took in at the box office, The Dark Knight outperformed Batman Begins by nearly three times.

Thankfully, The Fate of the Furious, as of this post going live, doesn’t have that morbid attention being drawn to it. And if no one else in the cast passes away unexpectedly, we can probably look forward to a few more entries because we all know that Universal will never give up on a title that is drawing in so much profit. The question then becomes, what can they do next? After all, there will come a point where they’ve used the biggest vehicles on the planet to cause destruction, so what comes after that?

Well, I think I have a few ideas on what they can do. None of them are good, mind you. However, they will definitely give the franchise new life and allow it to go in any direction they so desire. So, let’s dive in and see where Dom and his “familia” can go fast and be furious!

1) Dom and the Crew Go to Space

Think the pod racing sequence from Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace mixed with that epic space battle from Serenity and you’ll get what I’m going for here. See, Dom and his family are restrained by the fact that their vehicles need to be touching the ground in order to move. Well, for the most part…

Figure out a way to take them into space and watch chaos ensue in the most ridiculous yet badass of ways!

2) Underwater

Okay, so maybe heading into space right away is a bit too adventurous and, let’s face it, idiotic. Let’s keep things on Earth but head into the ocean for some high-speed water action. In The Fast and the Furious movies, if the cars crash than the drivers can simply get out. If there’s a “crash” underwater, you’re kinda boned unless you’re a fish. Plus, you can totally rip off Michael Biehn’s death in Abyss to kill off the bad guy.

Or, and this is gonna get meta, have The Fast and the Furious somehow factor into the DC universe so that they can swim next to Aquaman. Then you can have James Wan come back and direct a mashup of both!

3) Time Travel

So let’s say you like the insanity of doing something ridiculous like space travel but you don’t have the budget for all the CGI work that will go into venturing where no one has boldly gone before. What do you do then? Simple: pull a Back to the Future III and send our heroes throughout time. Paul Walker already did it in that garbage movie Timeline, so why can’t our other protagonists do the same?

Send them back to the Wild West for some horse and carriage races. Send them to the Roman Empire where they have to face off in chariot races. Whatever period you send them to, I’m sure you can find a way for them to go (relatively) fast.

4) A Scooby-Doo Style Mystery

Hear me out here, okay? The Fast and the Furious franchise can keep going down the route of explosive action/adventure films, which will probably do just fine. However, there will come a time when fans will get bored and they’ll move on. One can only eat the same meal so many times before getting sick of it, right?

What if there was a genre change that allowed there to still be fast car chases but they added a horror element to the mix? It doesn’t have to be an overly scary one. The series is already so tongue-in-cheek that making it like an episode of “Scooby Doo” and turning Dom and his crew into a reimagined Scooby gang would totally work.

Just find a good haunted car urban legend, like James Dean’s haunted porsche, and spin a story around that. Honestly, it’d be so out of left field that I’d have to check it out!

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