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Here’s a Mashup Trailer of Most Movies Released in 2016

Yesterday, mashup artist DJ Earworm released his 2016 edition of the annual “United States of Pop”. I bring this up not because it has anything to do with the below video but rather because I hope that the person who created it, Andrew R., takes up that same crusade except to create a long trailer that incorporates footage from movies released within a calendar year. And that’s precisely what he did, stating, “I’m an aspiring movie trailer editor, so for fun I put together a mega trailer from movies released (or to be released) in 2016. It might not include every single movie…but most of them are in there for at least a few frames.”

Now, he fully admits that there, “…is a bias in this video towards featuring more North American, English language, widely distributed movies.” However, that doesn’t stop the final product from being something rather astonishing. Just like DJ Earworm, Andrew has created a rhythm to the clips, finding a way to create an almost cohesive story and series of emotions as the seconds, and scenes, tick by.

I feel like everyone should watch this video simply for the sheer amount of effort and work that had to have been involved. It’s well worth the six-minutes it’ll take and you’ll probably see several movies you watched or are planning on checking out eventually.

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