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New Clip From ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Brings Action in Tight Quarters

The great thing about the Star Wars movies is that they have a lot of physical room to play with. There can be massive battles in the darkness of space or there can be claustrophobic shootouts in hallways, as well as everything in between. When you’ve got a franchise that is so open to location possibilities, that means nothing is really off the table and you can have a blast (no pun intended) doing whatever you feel like.

Rogue One star Felicity Jones was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and not only showed off her fighting skills but she also brought the first clip from the film, which shows her character Jyn fighting through the alleys of some town and using both a blaster as well as a baton to defeat incoming waves of stormtroopers. It also shows Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO, which sounds like it’s going to be a C-3PO-esque robot. You can see it all below.

In other news, Tony Gilroy (The Devil’s Advocate, the Bourne films) was brought on board for some rewrites and to oversee reshoots, including the ending. It’s not clear what these scenes are but it’s obvious Disney has a lot of interest in protecting this brand as they spent $4 billion to acquire it back in 2012.

As I mentioned in my review for The Force Awakens, I was never hugely into the Star Wars universe. I enjoy them well enough (except for Episodes I-III), so I’ll be intrigued to see what this offers. I’m definitely excited by Gareth Edwards being attached as I thought his 2014 take on Godzilla was gorgeous, if not quite flawed.

Rogue One opens up December 16th.

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