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Arrowverse News Update: Mr. Terrific, Black Siren, & ‘Vixen’

Yesterday, TV Line broke the news that actor Echo Kellum, who portrays peppy tech whiz Curtis Holt, will be elevated to series regular status for the fifth season of The CW’s “Arrow“.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who caught last week’s episode, where the character was finally fully clued in on the secret night lives of his friends, but it’s nice to see it confirmed regardless.  Kellum has been a lot of fun in his appearances throughout the current season and more of him should be a good thing.  Will he finally become his superhero alter-ego from the comics, Mr. Terrific, next year?  I’d say odds are pretty good that he will.

The outlet also reported that “Arrow” star Katie Cassidy will be getting to branch out into other shows in the DC TV Universe.  The actress, who plays Laurel Lance/Black Canary on the aforementioned series, will be appearing in an episode of “The Flash” later this season as Black Siren, the Earth-2 version of Black Canary.  It’s unclear whether this incarnation of Laurel will be good or evil, but regardless, it will give Cassidy a fun new facet of her to play.

Cassidy will also reprise Black Canary in animated form on CW Seed‘s second season of “Vixen” this summer.  It sounds like we are in for a flashback episode for her appearance, which will reportedly detail how Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Laurel Lance first met one another.  There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not it is Laurel who is in the grave that has been teased repeatedly throughout this season of “Arrow“.  Sadly, neither of these appearances will do anything to disprove that theory.  Supposedly we will be finding out who dies this week, so be sure to tune in tomorrow night.

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