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Kino Lorber April Blu-ray Releases Offer a Wide Variety

Kino Lorber has a number of great titles hitting Blu-ray in April that will likely interest Villain Smash readers. From war/adventure films to classic animation sets there’s a little bit for everybody. This type of variety is a big reason as to why I love Kino Lorber. They really mix it up and release films that you’d never really expect to see. So many of these little war films they’ve released over the last year have been titles I had never even heard of but I’ve enjoyed most of them once I’ve watched the Blu-rays. Of the stuff coming this month, I’ve really got my eye on those animation releases, started with Crazylegs Crane.

Any titles you’re especially looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

The Gallant
A semi-documentary dramatization of five weeks in the life of Vice Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey, Jr., from his assignment to command the U.S. naval operations in the South Pacific to the Allied victory at Guadalcanal.

The Purple Plain
After losing his bride in a Luftwaffe air raid, bomber pilot Forrester becomes a solitary killing machine, who doesn’t care whether he dies. The reckless Canadian pilot is both admired and feared by the rest of his squadron in World War II Burma. The squadron physician is assigned to determine the embittered Bill Forrester’s fitness for duty. To break through the nightmare-haunted man’s wall of silence, the physician drives Forrester to visit an outpost of English-speaking refugees, which includes an alluring young Burmese woman.

The Holcroft Covenant
The son of a German General becomes part of a mysterious conspiracy to gain hidden Nazi funds.

The File of the Golden Goose
Policemen Novak & Thompson go undercover to infiltrate a gang of counterfeiters.

Crazylegs Crane
In the cartoons that star Crazylegs Crane (voiced by Larry D. Mann), he always goes through various misadventures often accompanied by his son Crazylegs Crane Jr. (voiced by Frank Welker) and often deals with his frenemy a fire-breathing dragonfly (voiced by Frank Welker impersonating Andy Kaufman).*

The Ant and the Aardvark 
The cartoon follows attempts of a blue aardvark named Aardvark (voiced by John Byner, impersonating comedian Jackie Mason), to catch and eat a red ant named Charlie (also voiced by John Byner, but impersonating Dean Martin), usually doing so by inhaling with a loud vacuum cleaner sound. The character is essentially unnamed; in the episode Rough Brunch, he claims his name is simply “Aardvark.” Charlie Ant gives his nemesis a variety of names as sly terms of endearment (Ol’ Sam, Ol’ Ben, Ol’ Blue, Claude, Pal, Buddy, Daddy-O). In several bumper sequences of The Pink Panther Show, he is called “Blue Aardvark.”*
The Inspector
Although the titular character was never given a name, in contrast to the completely inept Inspector Clouseau, the cartoon character was generally competent, if prone to moments of bad judgment. Humor came from the sometimes surreal villains and situations to whom the Inspector was exposed, with a healthy dose of stylized cartoon slapstick. Through these difficult circumstances, criminals often get the better of him and he must face the wrath of his ill-tempered, bullying Commissioner (based on Herbert Lom’s Commissioner Dreyfus) who holds him in well-deserved contempt.*

*Plot descriptions taken from Wikipedia.

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