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SPOON! Peter Serafinowicz Is ‘The Tick’

Deadline reported earlier today that British character actor Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spy) has been cast as the lead in Amazon‘s live action series, “The Tick“.  Yes, the popular blue bumbling superhero is returning to television and the great Serafinowicz will be bringing him to life!  This new live action take on the character will be produced by creator Ben Edlund and Barry Josephson.

The popular satirical comic book character famously had a much-beloved cartoon on Fox Kids in the mid-90s.  A short-lived live action series followed on Fox in 2001, with Patrick Warburton in the lead.  Many initially expected this revival, announced in 2014, to pick up where that incarnation left off and for Warburton to return to the role.  It’s obvious that this series will serve as more of a loose reboot than anything, should it go to series.

Serafinowicz is honestly a fantastic choice to play the character, so I can’t see fans being too upset about the change.  Besides, in Ben Edlund I trust!  The pilot is slated to shoot this summer, so expect more casting to come in the next couple months.  Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan’s long-time director of photography, is expected to direct the pilot.


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