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Lionsgate Hires A Scribe For Its ‘Map of Bones’

After taking a hit recently with the ever-diminishing returns of the Divergent series, Lionsgate continues to search for a franchisable heir to succeed the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games.  While I’m sure they continue to develop other young adult novels for potential big screen life, they are also branching out for other options.  One such potential avenue lies within the works of author James Rollins (pictured above), specifically his SIGMA Force novel series.  According to Variety, the studio has taken one step closer to bringing those adventures to the big screen today; hiring Black Panther screenwriter Joe Robert Cole to pen an adaptation of Map of Bones.

Map of Bones is the second novel in Rollins’ on-going series of SIGMA Force adventures.  Since 2004, the author has penned a total of 11 novels (as well as two e-books) in the series, so Lionsgate definitely has a lot of material to use should Map of Bones prove a success. For those not familiar with the books, SIGMA Force is a secret clandestine group operating within the US Defense Department.  Its ranks are filled out with former Special Forces operatives who each have an expertise in various scientific areas.  From what I understand, the books can best be described as action thrillers with an historical bent.  Sort of Dan Brown meets Tom Clancy.

While I sadly have not read any of Rollins’ SIGMA Force novels, I have read a few of his standalones (Subterranean and Excavation, among others) and can certainly attest to their cinematic potential.  His works generally tend to be instant best sellers every year and their genre-bending nature makes them perfect for today’s movie climate.  I’m honestly surprised Hollywood hasn’t jumped at his body of work sooner.


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