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DC’s ‘Lobo’ Gets A New Screenwriter

And so the true byproduct of Deadpool‘s success begins!  DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have hired a new writer to tackle a potential film version of their own satirical antihero, Lobo.  This latest script, expected to be written from scratch, will be penned by Wonder Woman‘s Jason Fuchs, according to The Wrap.

Filmmakers Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes, The Man From UNCLE) and Brad Peyton (San Andreas) were attached to direct a Lobo film in the past.  There’s no word at this time if the studio is looking at anyone to helm the potential project, although I wouldn’t expect there to be.  At this stage, it’s best if they work out a story and tone before hiring anyone to bring it to life.  That said, after how fun UNCLE turned out to be, I certainly wouldn’t mind Ritchie being brought back on board, should the project eventually get the greenlight.

So who would you like to see play Lobo, should he eventually be brought to life?  Both Gerard Butler and Dwayne Johnson were previously sought after.  The latter will now be Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam film instead, so he’s off the table.  Who is best suited for this potential sci-fi/action romp?

  • Reacher

    Danny. Trejo. He is to Lobo as Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine.

    • Stephen Newman

      Dude, Danny Trejo is dead!

  • devilgod

    Gerard Butt-ler? Hell no!

  • Werewolf

    They screwed up casting Momoa as Aquaman. He would’ve owned Lobo.
    This one’s tough. Not too many dudes available with the physique and enough bass in their voice.


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