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‘Luke Cage’ Arrives On Netflix This September

Star Mike Coulter has confirmed a premiere date for Netflix’s third Marvel series, “Luke Cage“.  The Power Man will be premiering the first season of his solo series later this year on September 30th.  That comes 6 months after the premiere of the second season of “Daredevil“, which is roughly on task with the initial timeline that Netflix’s CCO laid out last year.

Coulter’s statement at the “Daredevilred carpet premiere

“It’s going to be action-packed, from beginning to the very end. Trust me. ‘Daredevil’ premieres March 18, and I will see the fans on September 30th. You heard it here first.”

Will we have to wait another 6 months afterwards to see the first season of “Iron Fist“?  I severely doubt it.  Now that the Netflix Marvel lineup is totaling at four shows, it’s highly likely that we will eventually start getting a new Marvel season every 3 months.  That said, I don’t particularly expect “Iron Fist” Season 1 or “Jessica Jones” Season 2 to arrive in December of this year.  It seems likelier that such a schedule would either start in 2017 or after the arrival of the culmination miniseries, “The Defenders“.  Whichever comes first, basically.  In the meantime, we’re only a week away from the premiere of another round of “Daredevil” greatness.  I can’t wait!

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