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Fantasy Cop Thriller ‘Bright’ Goes To Netflix

Variety is reporting that Netflix is close to signing a deal to finance and distribute David Ayer’s Bright.  The company has reportedly secured the project after a bidding war, in which bids were also placed by Sony and Warner Bros..  Described as a cross between End of Watch and Alien Nation, the film will mix elements of fantasy into a hard-boiled cop thriller.  Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are both attached to star as two detectives from different backgrounds (Smith is human, Edgerton is orc) to solve a crime. Fairies and other fantastical creatures are expected to feature within the tale.

The film, which Ayer co-wrote with Max Landis (Chronicle), is expected to cost around $80 million.  That’s a bit higher than Netflix’s usual features, but there’s no word as to whether they will seek to release it theatrically ahead of its premiere through the popular streaming service.  One would think they would, but these days you can never really tell.  Ayer and Smith will tackle the project later this year, in advance of beginning work on a Suicide Squad sequel in 2017.

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