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Sony Has Revives ‘Venom’, Hires New Writer

According to The Hollywood Reporter, life has been breathed into Sony’s Venom once more.  The studio has reportedly set screenwriter Dante Harper to pen the script for a solo adventure involving the Spider-Man villain.  Sony is hoping to cultivate a solo franchise based around the villain turned antihero.  No production timeline has been revealed just yet.

This is a bad idea.  Sony is on the verge of having Spider-Man fully realized within the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe.  As part of their deal, they get to create and release their own unconnected animated Spider-Man film in the near future.  Why muddy the waters beyond that?  There’s no conceivable way to tie this to the Marvel Studios films, unless Marvel is willing to loan out Tom Holland for a quick cameo and let Sony dictate a spin-off series.  Both things seem unlikely.

What does Sony have to gain from a Venom film entirely devoid of Spider-Man?  For one, it will greatly complicate the character’s origin.  I’m sure they’ll be able to work around that, but Venom without Spider-Man is like The Joker without Batman.  Sure, he can probably be compelling on his own in the right hands, but divorced of his nemesis, he no longer has his core motivation.

Here’s hoping Sony wises up and ultimately abandons this idea before moving forward.  Perhaps just toss him into the animated film instead?  If we are to see Venom grace the silver screen again, I’d much rather it come in the form of an MCU Spider-Man film, than some hackneyed standalone franchise.

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