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‘Jump Street In Black’ Is Moving Forward At Sony

Long rumored, the proposed Jump Street/Men In Black crossover appears to finally be on the verge of becoming a reality.  According to Variety, director James Bobin (“Flight of the Conchords“, Muppet’s Most Wanted) is currently in negotiations to helm the third film in the Jump Street series.  Bobin’s latest effort, Alice Through The Looking Glass, hits theaters this May.

Phil Lord & Chris Miller, who helmed both 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, are on board to produce the sequel, along with Neal Moritz. Both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be reprising their characters, but neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones will be carrying over from the MIB franchise.  Most of the Jump Street supporting cast is expected to return as well, although there’s no word at this time as to whether any popular MIB characters will be utilized.  Whoever is cast in the film’s new MIB agents might carry over into a fourth Men In Black film, as the crossover is expected to help rejuvenate the brand.

A few fans of the Jump Street films have been scratching their heads as to why this is the direction being taken for a third film.  To me, however, it makes perfect sense.  The first Jump Street film playfully poked fun at nostalgia-driven revivals, while also delivering one hell of a great action/comedy.  The second was equally successful as it poked fun at Hollywood’s obsession with sequels.  So what will a sci-fi crossover sequel take on?  Shared universes.  It’s the perfect trilogy-capper to a great meta action franchise.

Variety states that while the film has not yet been officially greenlit, the go-ahead is expected to be given soon, with production expected to begin this June.  That would likely mark it for a Summer 2017 release, arriving three years after the last entry. What really makes this interesting is that, at least report, Fox’s Channing Tatum-starring X-Men spinoff, Gambit, was set to shoot this summer as well.  It looks like that is no longer the case.  Many, myself included, had assumed that it would film as planned this summer and just see release sometime next year, now that the October 2016 release date had finally been pulled.  Now one has to wonder if it will ever get made at all.  We’ll cover that particular aspect more at another time, however.

Are you ready for Jump Street In Black?  I am.

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