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Debunked: Ice Cube Is Not Up for J. Jonah Jameson

While the Stallone-in-GOTG2 rumor appears to be legit, the other big Marvel-related rumor to rear its head is not.  Earlier this week, a Marvel Cinematic Universe fanpage posited that actor Ice Cube would make a great J. Jonah Jameson for Marvel Studios’ upcoming reboot of Spider-Man.  While I agree that he could be a lot of fun in the role, it was nothing more than fan wishing and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, a few news sites have since published “Ice Cube as Jameson” as a legitimate rumor and it seems to slowly be building steam.  Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but according to our own sources, that’s just not the case.  Casting is still on-going for the as-yet-untitled MCU Spider-Man film, which is set to hit theaters in July 2017.  Given that it should shoot later this year, we probably will be hearing a lot more casting rumors like this.  Some will ultimately pan out.  Just not this one.

Besides, Mr. Cube appears to have a nice slate of sequels in his future as is, between a rumored appearance in the currently-shooting xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage and, of course, the long-awaited third Jump Street film, Jump Street in Black (oh yeah, they’re going there).  The latter is reportedly on track to shoot this summer.

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