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Takeshi Kitano Beats Up ‘Ghost In The Shell’

Variety is reporting that Takeshi Kitano has joined the cast of Rupert Sanders’ English-language live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.  Kitano will be portrayed Daisuke Aramaki, Chief of Public Security Section 9.  That makes him the boss of Pilou Asbaeck’s Batou and Scarlet Johansson’s still-unnamed lead. All will be targeting the cyberterrorist known as The Laughing Man, who will be played by Michael Pitt.

This adaptation has caught a lot of flack for whitewashing many of the characters, so it’s nice to see a high-profile Japanese actor score a big role in a position of power.  It won’t silence the complaints (nor should it), but it’ll be cool to see Kitano in there regardless.  The film, which comes to us via DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount, is slated to arrive in cinemas on March 31, 2017.


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