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[TV Review] ‘Supergirl’ Episode 1.15 – “Solitude”

Relationship problems.  That’s the name of the game this week.  Kara remains distrustful of Hank in the wake of his killing Astra a few weeks back.  Granted Alex actually did the deed, but Kara doesn’t know that (at least at first).  This in turn is causing friction between Alex and Hank.  Everyone is upset with everyone, which makes things hard when a killer computer program makes a move on National City.  More on that in a moment.

Back at CatCo, things are also turbulent.  Kara is still vying for Cat’s approval, with Siobhan Smythe as her rival.  Then there’s also the ever-irritating Jimmy Olsen and his refusal to treat girlfriend Lucy Lane like a human being.  That’s right, I have a bone to pick here.  Jimmy’s egotistical nature has been an issue with me since the first episode, but it’s only gotten worse in recent weeks.  Between leading Kara on, treating Lucy like dirt, and being constantly condescending towards Winn, he’s almost never not acting like a dick.  This week, however, it’s worse than ever.

Speaking of Lucy, her character is a mess as well, although the problem is entirely in the writing.  Here we have a woman with agency who quits a nice high-profile gig in the military just so she can move to National City and fawn over her boyfriend day in and out.  She’s left behind a respected job with classified clearance levels to sit around a news office and complain that Jimmy isn’t paying attention to her.  Thankfully she finally dumped his ass this week, but she should have done it weeks ago.  She’s better than that and should have been written as such.  Here’s hoping future episodes make up for this, assuming the character isn’t dropped from the series.

Relationships aside, Supergirl finally has her Brainiac in the form of villainess Indigo.  Portrayed by Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl from “Smallville”), she’s got the look of Mystique, the powers of Brainiac, and a gnarly-looking Freddy Krueger-esque glove.  Her plan is to nuke National City and she comes close to succeeding.  Close is a lingerie shop without any windows, as Martin Riggs would say, and we all know Supergirl saves the day.  Lucky for us and unlucky for Kara, however, Kryptonian supervillain Non manages to pick up the pieces of Indigo after she is torn asunder by Winn’s super-virus.

What’s worse than two massively dangerous supervillains?  Two massively dangerous supervillains working together.  Things should definitely get interesting when Non finally makes his next move.  In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here hoping that either Jimmy develops some manners or a building drops on his head.  I’m good either way.

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