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“Hiya, Jimmy!”: Schreiberooth Returns In ‘Wolverine 3’?

The closer we get to the start of production on the third solo Wolverine film, the likelier it seems the the other best actor from the rather terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine will get his own shot at cinematic redemption.  We’ve already seen Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) finally showcased in a good film earlier this year, so it’s only fair that Liev Schreiber get to do the same with his character, Sabretooth!  He certainly deserves it.

This return has been hinted at for months by both Schreiber and pal Hugh Jackman.  Per a recent MTV interview with Schreiber…

“We talked about it… I don’t know. He’s mentioned it to me. The ‘Old Man Logan’ story — that’s appealing. That’s something that I can do. Old, being the operative word.”

We here at Villain Smash have heard rumblings of Schreiber’s return as Victor Creed for awhile now.  Here’s hoping they become reality.  While Tyler Mane did a good job with the mostly-silent version of the character in Bryan Singer’s original X-Men film, it’s Schreiber’s more nuanced take in (the otherwise awful) X-Men Origins: Wolverine that really made the character shine.  Schreiber is a great actor and had a wonderful chemistry with Jackman, so it would be nice to see him reprise the role alongside Hugh in the latter’s final turn as Wolverine.

Of course, the above statement is also pointing towards a loose adaptation of “Old Man Logan” for the film.  Given the usage of certain Marvel characters in the original storyline that will be unavailable to Fox (i.e. Red Skull, Venom, Hulk, etc.), an overhaul of the tale will be necessary.  If that overhaul comes with the inclusion of Victor Creed, I’m all for it.

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