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Debunked: No, Hulk Probably Isn’t In ‘Civil War’

It’s time to dash a few hopes!  Or at least temper a few expectations, at least.  Rumors are always running rampant when it comes to any big production.  That seems to go double for superhero films, in most cases.  Some turn out to be legit, some might have been legit at the time and then a deal falls through, and others are completely unfounded.  Telling which is which can be hard for writers, sources, and readers, so we always do our best to clarify such rumors as they come along.

A few recent ones are now proving to be false, however.  Chief among them being the chance of seeing Hulk and/or Bruce Banner in Captain America: Civil War.  Last week, star Anthony Mackie (who plays Falcon) made a comment to the press that was construed into multiple “Is Hulk in Civil War after all?!?” headlines.  As we suspect at the time, it turns out that some simply misinterpreted what the actor was saying.

Anthony Mackie on the whole ordeal, courtesy of an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers“…

“It’s so ridiculous! I was giving respect to my fellow actors,” he explained. “I said Marvel movies are so great because they have great actors — the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. (Love that guy.) People take that to mean that I’m saying this is what the movie is about, and this is in the movie.”

“The first rule of Marvel? Don’t talk about Marvel,” he joked.

Sorry, folks.  If Hulk makes a surprise appearance in Civil War (which seems unlikely), Mackie certainly isn’t aware of it.  Looks like we’ll still be waiting until November 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok to see the big green fella in action again…barring a post-credits sequence in the interim, of course!

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