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Terror Strikes Up From The Depths In Latest ‘Flash’ Promo

As great as last night’s episode of “The Flash” was, I had a hell of a time watching the promo for next week’s episodes, “King Shark”.  After his surprise cameo during an episode back in the fall, fans have seemingly gone gaga over King Shark and popular demand forced the showrunners to bring the character back in a more prominent capacity.  As a result, next week he gets his own episode.

He won’t be alone, however.  As previously reported, next week will see a few characters from “Arrow“, John & Lyla Diggle (David Ramsey, Audrey Marie Anderson) coming to Central City to help Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and friends take on the aquatic menace after he escapes ARGUS custody.  The promo below is super cheesy and absolutely intentional, which makes it all the better.  They know what the fans want and appear to be giving it to them in spades next weeks.  Given that the show has already dropped Jaws references before, I can only imagine we’re in for a lot more next week.  Perhaps we’ll even gets nods to such gems of Deep Blue Sea?  Here’s hoping they got David “Solid Snake” Hayter back to voice the manshark again…

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