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Pied Piper Comes Calling Once More On ‘The Flash’

According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Andy Mientus will be reprising his role of Hartley Rathaway, aka Pied Piper, on an upcoming episode of “The Flash“.  Pied Piper previously appeared in Season One’s 11th episode, “The Sound and the Fury”, and its 12th, “Crazy For You”.  While caught and imprisoned in the former episode, he eventually escaped in the latter and has not been seen since.

Pied Piper will be piping in Central City once more on the upcoming 17th episode of the current season, “Flash Back“.  An airdate has yet to be announced, but judging from the current schedule, it should arrive sometime in March.  The episode’s plot will involve Barry traveling back to an earlier time.  There’s no word yet on whether or not he will encounter Hartley in the past or if the STAR Labs crew will be dealing with Hartley in the present while Barry is gone.

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