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Dougray Scott Will ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

TV Line is reporting that actor Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) will being joining the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” in its second season this summer.  Scott will be playing a recurring character named D, who is described as ““a decent man who believes in civility” and “is confident in an unexpected position of authority.” Loyal to his family, Casey “is still learning to be a leader. He regrets but accepts the necessary violence for a new vision.”“.  As long as it allows Scott to go full Dougray with his performance, I’m totally in.

A spin-off of AMC’s ultra-popular series “The Walking Dead” (based on Robert Kirkman’s comics by the same name), “Fear the Walking Dead” aired last summer to great ratings and fans seemed to take to it.  I wasn’t all that impressed myself, but I plan on giving this second run of it a look when it airs later in the year.  The cast is pretty good and the addition of Scott only makes it better, so here’s hoping they up their narrative game this year.

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