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‘Flash’ Crossover Confirmed: ‘Supergirl’ Joins DC TV Universe

Well, after months and months of hints, speculation, and fan wishes, it’s official.  On Monday, March 28th, The Flash (Grant Gustin) will be appearing on “Supergirl“.  CBS announced the crossover today and fans are already rejoicing.  There was always a hope that such a crossover would happen, but it’s nice to finally have it made official.

How can two shows on two different networks crossover these days?  After all, while they share many of the same producers, “Supergirl” airs on CBS and “The Flash” airs on The CW.  For those not aware, The CW is a joint venture network created via a partnership between Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television.  The CW tends to keep an even number of CBS-produced shows and WB-produced shows on the air, which adds to its variety, but also makes things a bit complicated in terms of new shows and renewals.  More on that another time, however.

So how exactly are they going to crossover in terms of story?  We do not yet know.  In the world of “Supergirl“, Superman and alien menaces are a common and oft-discussed threat.  That has yet to have proven true on “The Flash” and its sister shows, “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow“.  Because of this, I find it unlikely that “Supergirl” will simply be folded into the group as just another show taking place in a completely different city (National City).  It seems more likely to me that Barry will somehow travel to a parallel world where such things exist.

Regardless, March 28th is the official date of the crossover, bringing The Flash to National City and an interaction with Kara & Co.  This should be a lot of fun, as if their chemistry on screen is as good as it is in the promo pics (shot last year) below, Gustin and Benoist are going to be a hoot together…

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