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[TV Review] ‘Supergirl’ Episode 1.12 – “Bizarro”

BIZARRO!  Sorry, but I’m just pumped that after the White Martian action of last week’s episode, we got another dose of comic book villainy this week as well.  Built by Maxwell Lord, Supergirl’s own single-minded doppleganger has come calling to wreck National City and ruin Kara’s good name.  Yep, like her cousin Superman, she has her own Bizarro to contend with, giving star Melissa Benoist as second character to play on the series.

I’ve said before how much I enjoy Peter Facinelli’s “low rent Tom Cruise” approach to Maxwell Lord and he’s completely on point here.  The best villains are complicated ones, especially ones that view themselves as a hero.  That description fits Lord to a “T” and is absolutely on display this week.  Thankfully Bizarro is just as complicated.

While she doesn’t retain much intelligence or free will beyond the commands given to her by Lord, her moments of doubt about her mission are integral to the character.  Benoist gives her a tragic, Frankenstein’s Monster-esque performance and makes Bizarro one of the show’s best villains to date.  I don’t want to see her going toe to toe with Supergirl.  I want to see Bizarro redeemed and become a hero in her own right.  This desire in my can entirely be credited to Benoist’s take on the character and further illustrates how Berlanti & Co. rarely falter when it comes to perfectly casting main characters on their superhero shows.

Of course we also have the love life subplot to contend with as Kara dates Cat’s son.  The two actors have good chemistry, so that’s a plus, but it doesn’t really go much of anywhere here.  It does, however, throw a nice curveball when it comes to Kara’s relationship with Cat.  The typical path to take with a tale like this is for the boss to try and sabotage the relationship and/or make threats.  Cat does just the opposite.  She sees Kara as a conduit through which she can reconnect with her son and does what she can to ensure that the two connect.  I like that they took the path less traveled here and the show gains some more points because of it.

Overall, this was one of the better episodes of the season.  Since the winter break, this show has continued to improve each week.  It seems like they have finally found their rhythm.  I was afraid they wouldn’t after a rocky start, but I’m happy to have been proved wrong.  Here’s hoping they keep up the good work!  Next week sees an adaptation of the classic Moore tale, “For the Man Who Has Everything”, albeit with Supergirl subbed in for Superman.  I’m very much looking forward to what they have come up with, which is something I might not have said ten episodes ago.

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