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[TV Review] ‘Lucifer’ Episode 1.02 – “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.”

I said it last week and I’ll say it again: I like the two leads on this show.  Both Tom Ellis and Lauren German are good in their respective role of Lucifer Morningstar and Detective Chloe Decker.  Sadly, beyond their interactions, I still find little to like here.  The rest of the cast appears to be going through the motions, particularly Kevin Alejandro, who I previously enjoyed on both “True Blood” and “Arrow“.

Worse yet, the show has now managed to waste two characters actors thus far: Jon Pankow last week and Jeremy Davies this week.  The former was fine, but given little to work with.  He appeared for a hot minute this week and was a bit livelier (for obvious reasons), so here’s hoping that will change.  As for Davis, he basically moped around the entire episode, which is a bummer.  It’s great that they are pulling in actors like this, but I really wish they’d give them something more to do.

This speaks to my problems with the series as a whole.  It has an interesting concept and two good leads, but seems content to simply be “Law & Order: SVU” with Satan subbed in for Stabler.  It’s bland as hell and it doesn’t have to be.  It seems to be playing well to the procedural crowd at the moment in terms of ratings, but I wonder if that will hold true in a few weeks once it no longer has “The X-Files” as a lead-in?

Even worse than the rote procedural elements is the fact that the two supernatural characters not named Lucifer on the series are boring.  If all they are going to do is have Mazikeen and Amenadiel nag Lucifer twice an episode a piece about how it sucks that he’s changing, then those characters need to go.  It’s already become annoying and we’re only two weeks into a series currently expected to run at least 10 more weeks.

Lucifer” might be able to coast the entire season on its dried out formula.  It might even be able to hold enough viewers to earn itself a second season for the same reason.   That said, as of right now, it’s severely trying my patience.

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