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[TV Review] ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode 1.02 – “Pilot: Part 2”

Unless they actually split up a feature-length pilot, I’m honestly not sure why this episode didn’t get its own title.  After all, beyond last week’s cliffhanger, it manages to tell a singular story.  Our ragtag team still isn’t functioning like an actual team of course.  What do you expect when you toss two egotistical scientists, a bickering couple, an assassin, an over-his-head mechanic, and a pair of thieves into a partnership with a time traveler?  Anarchy.  Messy, mistake-filled anarchy.

We’re only two episodes in and that anarchy has come with a price: Hawkman’s life.  That’s right folks, one half of the reincarnating duo has been killed by the hand of Vandal Savage once more.  While it’s entirely possible that we could see Hawkman again in another time period, given the show’s concept, we definitely won’t be seeing him back in modern 2016.  Why?  He cannot reincarnate again until Hawkgirl dies as well.  Until that moment, he will remain in limbo awaiting rebirth.  Talk about a raw deal.

Caity Lotz got to strut her stuff beyond the usual smarmy assassin stuff this week, further showcasing her versatility and importance to the show at large.  As fun as it is to watch Captain Cold and Heat Wave chew scenery while The Atom looks aghast, the side trip that Sara, Jackson, and Stein take was the real treat this week.  Martin frustratingly interacting with him younger self and Jackson giggles on was a hoot enough.  Sara flirtaciously adding to the shenanigans put it over the top for me.

Back on the Vandal Savage front, actor Casper Crump finally clicked for me in the role here.  While I thought he worked just fine in the “Arrow“/”The Flash” crossover in December and in the first episode of this show last week, he finally seemed to be coming into his own in the part this week.  He has a bit of a young Michael Ironside vibe going on now and I’m digging it.  He has yet to prove himself a villain worthy of this show, but I suspect he will manage to do just that as the season goes on.

This show has been wildly entertaining so far and I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks hold, based both on what we know and whatever surprises it still has in store for us.  Bring it on!  Oh, and nice Damien Darhk cameo this week!

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