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‘Arrow’ & ‘Legends’: Death Comes Calling

While our reviews for both episodes have not yet gone up, those of you watching know that the DC TV Universe lost two major characters this week.  Some might dispute the word “major”, but both were vital to their respective shows, at least at one point.  Both also can return on down the line, be it through flashbacks, time travel, reincarnation, or other classic comic book shenanigans.  That knowledge still doesn’t lessen their impact any.

Be warned, if you haven’t watched this week’s episodes of “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow“, MASSIVE SPOILERS lie below…

On Wednesday night’s episode of “Arrow“, Amanda Waller was killed.  While this was likely done because she is part of the focus of the upcoming Suicide Squad film and Warner Bros. doesn’t like to share their toys when they can help it, it still put into the grave a character that had played a large role in the last two seasons.  She will still likely appear in the flashback storyline from time to time, given her connections to Oliver’s past, but for now, ARGUS is leaderless.

Then, last night on “Legends of Tomorrow“, our ragtag team lost one of its members.  As has happened across countless lifetimes, Vandal Savage struck down Hawkman by plunging his sacred Egyptian dagger into the hero’s heart.  Yes, there’s a chance we could see him pop up in another time period, so I doubt we’ve seen the last of him this season just yet.

There’s also the fact that he will inevitably be reincarnated, but on this particular subject, there’s a catch.  Executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to TV Line that Hawkman actually cannot be reborn until Hawkgirl dies as well.  Talk about a raw deal for both of them!  As I already said (and Guggenheim himself stated as well), we can still see Hawkman in another time period on the series, given the time travel adventure of it all.  Should we eventually expect the death of Hawkgirl during this mission?  Only time will tell.

I’m so sorry.  (No, I’m not)


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