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[TV Review] ‘Arrow’ Episode 4.11 – “A.W.O.L.”

Finally, the Diggle and Andy arc has begun to work!  All it took was the show finally devoting most of an episode to it.  I honestly wish this had happened about five episodes ago, because I actually like the subplot and Andy as a character now.  The one-note scenes have been dumped in favor of actual character work and the season is all the better for it.

Beyond the flashbacks, which have still been almost entirely pointless this season, this has been the worst arc this year.  No longer.  Furthermore, they also managed to flesh out more of both Andy and Diggle’s backstory while also tying it into the flashbacks.  With this arc fixed (at least for now), here’s hoping the flashback storyline will actually go somewhere starting next week.  A guy can dream, right?

Through the Andy/Diggle progression, we’ve also connected back into ARGUS, who have mainly been absent this season.  The reason why likely has a lot to do with the upcoming Suicide Squad film, which will heavily involve both ARGUS and Amanda Waller.  Much like Deadshot last season, Waller has been 86’d from the series.  Normally I might complain about the show being forced to kill off a character because film division is acting like a temperamental toddler, but Waller has barely been present this year.  As a result, it’s no real loss for the show.

Also fun this week?  In addition to them finally using Diggle’s codename (Spartan) repeatedly, Felicity is finally given one: Overwatch.  It’s about damn time.  Also also fun?  A return of Goth Felicity in the form of a nagging apparition taunting her every action.

It gave Emily Bett Rickards something fun to do other than be awkward and fussy and she relished every minute of it.  While it doesn’t appear to be a recurring issue for the character, I almost wish it was.  Felicity going full Two-Face is a fun idea.  It would never happen because the fans would flip the hell out, but it’s a fun thing to think about regardless.  Two thumbs up!

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