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[TV Review] ‘Supergirl’ Episode 1.11 – “Strange Visitor From Another Planet”

White Martians!  Hank’s alter-ego, Martian Manhunter got to come out and play this week, allowing actor David Harewood to really chew on the scenery.  A White Martian, hailing from the race that wiped out Martian Manhunter’s family and entire people, has come to National City.  Hank is its target and it will not rest until he is dead.

A bloodlust rises in Hank that adds a great sense of tension to things.  He wants the adversary dead and the more painful its demise, the better.  Of course we knew that Kara and Alex would eventually talk him down from his vengeful ledge, but the chemistry of the three actors makes the cliched nature of it all work very well.

Naturally we have all of this playing out against the backdrop of an anti-alien senator visiting the city and getting caught in the crossfire.  Much like X-Men‘s Senator Kelly, she is impersonated and later changes her tune when it comes to alien politics.  This arc isn’t handled all that well on the part of the senator herself, but it works in the context of the girls trying to get Hank to calm the hell down.

Lastly, we have Cat’s son, Adam, arriving in town.  We get the usual relationship strife, with both parties being incredibly bullheaded about their reunion.  The surprise of it comes in the form of Adam taking a shine to Kara and asking her out on a date.  I’m not quite sure how well he’ll fit in just yet, but anything that pushes Jimmy’s obnoxious advances and Wynn’s pining is a plus in my book.  Both are starting to wear thin, particularly Jimmy

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