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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Enlists Martin Donovan

Martin Donovan (Ant-Man) will be trading in his Hydra suit for some Time Master duds later this season on “Legends of Tomorrow“.  The actor will be showing up in the fourth episode of the season, entitled “White Knights”.  He will be appearing as a character named Zaman Druce, which is about as comic book as you can get.

Who is Druce?  Apparently he is Rip Hunter’s (Arthur Darvill) mentor in the future.  IGN managed to scrounge up a bit more information on the character…

“[He is] a respected member of the time council who was Rip’s first mentor at the Time Master Academy” and has a lot of experience mediating conflicts throughout history. However, when he is tasked with ending Hunter’s quest to get Vandal Savage, death may be the only way to truly stop “the man he looked upon as a son.”

The role seems likely to be a recurring one.  Donovan is a working character actor who has appeared in numerous films in television shows over the years.  You might recall his work from Saved, “Masters of Horror“, “Weeds“, “Hannibal“, and Inherent Vice, among many other projects.

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