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[TV Review] ‘Arrow’ Episode 4.10 – “Blood Debts”

It’s Anarky in the S.C.!  The maimed killer with a vendetta, Anarky, has returned and he’s out for Damien Darhk’s blood.  So is Oliver, of course, after Felicity was shot at the end of the mid-season finale last month.  Left paralyzed (at least temporarily, her injuries have Oliver whipped up into a frenzy and making bad decisions.

After catching Anarky early on in the episode, Oliver wrongheadedly decides to set him free from police custody, hoping to follow him to Darhk’s latest hideout.  It works, but Anarky’s actions force Team Arrow to save Darhk’s family and Anarky escapes in the process.  This was a solid episode on the whole, but there was still a mighty amount of wheel-spinning to be found within the subplots.  The flashback sequences are still a slog, although it does appear that we might finally begin to get somewhere with them.  Reiter is now aware of the magical tattoo that Constantine put on Oliver, so here’s hoping things FINALLY get set in motion.  As is, these sequences are virtually putting me to sleep.

Back in the present, I’m still not feeling the Andy subplot.  Part of it is the actor himself coming off so smug that I legitimately don’t care whether Andy lives or dies, let alone atones for his sins.  The fact that I continuously forget that they have him locked up in a dark corner of their superhero base says it all.  I want David Ramsey to have something to chew on in the show as much as the next person, but this is a dud of a subplot for Diggle.

Back on the Darhk front, it’s nice to finally see a bit of the inner-workings of his home life.  It’s also refreshing to find out that his wife is as batshit and bloodthirsty as he is.  Too often we have the weeping “I can’t believe I’m married to a villain!” cliche in stories like this.  They’ve thankfully sidestepped that here and those characters, as well as the show overall, is all the better for it.

Alexander Calvert impresses more here as Anarky than he did in his previous appearance.  The character is clearly insane, but also complex enough to not be one note. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of him in the future, especially since we are short on that kind of manic scenery-chewing.  That’s right, I still miss Seth Gabel’s The Count.

As for the mystery of who lies in that grave during the flash forward sequence that they keep teasing?  It’s still a mystery, but fans can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s definitely not Felicity lying six feet under.  So who is it?  I’ve talked about this before, but I really hope they don’t cop out.  It needs to be a main cast member and whoever it is needs to stay dead.  If they drop the ball and make it someone like Roy Harper or Katana, both of whom are set to guest later on this season, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

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