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‘Legends’ Goes Amblin With Joe Dante

It was announced a few weeks ago that fan favorite genre director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Matinee) would be directing an episode of “Legends of Tomorrow“.  As if that wasn’t enough of a coup, it turns out The ‘Burbs director will be tackling an episode that is set in the 1950s!  Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently spoke to TV Line about the series and mentioned Dante’s involvement…

TVLINE | Sometimes its just a filter on the camera to make the ’70s look a little less saturated, a little hazy….
And sometimes you just get lucky too. Joe Dante (Gremlins) is directing an episode that takes place in the late 1950s. We didn’t write the episode to take place in the late 1950s because Joe Dante was directing it, but damn if he is not the perfect director to realize that era, especially since we’re doing an Amblin-style version of the late 50s.

The specific episode in question is “Night of the Hawk“, which will be the eighth episode this season.  While the obvious assumption about the title is that it will be Hawkman and/or Hawkgirl specific, given that this series will have a penchant for playing around with period appropriate characters, some sites are speculating that it might be referring to someone else entirely.  Connor Hawke has already been confirmed as a part of the show, but since his character is set to be a future one, it is unlikely that the ’50s set episode involves him.

Dante isn’t the first name director that Guggenheim & Co. have hired, of course.  Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone) and John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) have both helmed episodes of “Arrow” back in the fall.  Also, Lexi Alexander, Rachel Talalay (tank Girl), and Kevin Smith (Clerks) are slated to shoot episodes of “Supergirl” later this season.  For me, however, Joe Dante is the cherry on top.

The more we hear about this series, the more I am in love with every aspect of it.  A ragtag group of heroes and antiheroes traveling through time to stop an immortal adversary?  That alone is intriguing.  Once you start tossing in wild alternate timelines and left field guest appearances (Jonah Hex!), you’ve flat-out stolen my heart.  Under normal circumstances, I might be worried that they won’t stick the landing.  These ladies and gentlemen know what they’re doing though and seem poised to give us their finest achievement to date.

For those not aware, “Legends of Tomorrow” premieres tonight on The CW at 8pm (EST).  I have not yet seen the pilot, so I’ll be watching tonight along with the rest of you.  I absolutely cannot wait!  As we do wait, however, be sure to check out that full interview linked above.  It’s well worth your time if you are curious about the series.

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